Kieran Oldham


I'm the new blood around here. I'm an incredibly ambitious self-taught individual who takes time and care in the finer details. I am full of ideas and have constantly kept myself up to date with the latest technologies and languages allowing me to utilise the very cutting edge of what todays technology has to offer.

Robert Bain

Developer, Co-founder

After completing my degree in games development I went on to become the lead UK developer of a large security firm. After acquiring the skills necessary and the knowledge to excel in software I co-founded reactive studios. "Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."

Daniel Robinson

Developer, Co-founder

I've worked with software my entire working life. Being born in the perfect era to learn and position myself as a forward thinking web based software developer. I'm completely self taught, coding is not only my business but my hobby. “A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.”

Our Story...

The Idea.

Reactive Studios was founded back in 2015 by reunited school friends Rob and Danny. Both had come from development backgrounds and were fed up of the current state of the software industry. Companies over charging clients because the client has no idea how software works. So they decided to start a company and take on issues

The Launch.

Rob and Danny's enthusiasm led to the crossing of paths with our partners, OPBS who had multiple customers in dire need of a cutting edge domiciliary care system. A deal was struck and after many months of hard long development, Oneplan was born.


Fast forward a few years and Oneplan is one of the fastest growing domiciliary care systems in the UK with major updates still being released monthly (sometimes daily). To cope with this new growth we brought on our first development manager Kieran to help with both the development of Oneplan and our various other services and projects.

The Goal.

To be a successful, honest and fun company. Isn't that what we all want? Isn't this the reason you are here looking at us?

Our Services...

Bespoke App

Need a mobile app creating for Android Or iPhone? We have extensive experience on both platforms

Bespoke Systems

Do you have complicated tasks that need to be performed daily? Why not automate these processes and free up time for staff to work on other things.

Bespoke Website

Your website is your new front door to your business. You need a site that displays exactly what you do while making you look good. Thats where we come in.


Irregardless as to who has developed your website, we offer web hosting as a service to all customers from a very competitive price point.


If you are not sure how software can help your business, we offer a consultancy service where we can come and observe your workflow and produce a system spec document describing all areas that we think can be improved.

Search Engine
Optimisation (SEO)

What use is a good website if customers can’t find you? Here, we pride ourselves on our SEO and have developed our code to achieve the best possible Google ranking for most searches.

Our Projects...

Image Description

Bella Vista Gardens

Award winning, southport based landscape gardener
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Exclusive Card

National discount loyalty card provider
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Lloyd & Co

Chartered indavidual financial planner
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One Love

Classic car and camper van specialist wedding car hire
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Providers of Oneplan domiciliary care system
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Chartered accountants & tax consultants

Our Process...

Step 1


Working with any business can be a bit of a gamble. Its like starting a new relationship. Until you both get to know each other its anybodies guess if its going to work or if youre talking to the right people. Thats why we like to get to know our clients. Our first few meetings will be getting to know you and your ideas. This helps us build you better software.

Step 2


After the first few meetings we can begin to delve deeper into your ideas. Here we will listen to everything that you want in your product and offer suggestions based upon years of experience and your likes and dislikes. Software should not only be something that works well for your customer but be something you should be proud of. Thats where our experience comes in.

Step 3


Quoting for software is as straight forward as any other industry. Once we are all happy that we have covered all bases, the plan for the software is created. From this plan we can estimate a cost for your product and a timeframe. As the product moves from paper into digital reality there will be changes. We will keep you informed every step of the way to make sure there are no nasty suprises.

Step 4


This is the part nobody sees. Where an idea becomes reality. Development times can vary from product to product. Websites are normally straight forward and take only a few weeks. Software an apps can take from months to years. Most software companies go away and come back with a complete product that may resemble what you asked for. Our way is different. We like you to be involved, to see it grow. Not only does this help the end product but it keeps everybody motivated and excited right the way through the process.